Gonna cocoon a bit. It’s been an extremely long week, I have to work tomorrow during the day, and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in the last 24 hours. Ideal for a day of reading, doing laundry, and drinking a lot of coffee.

I had watched one episode of Downton Abbey before Christmas, but there were complications in the order I placed for the blu-ray of the first series, so I didn’t see any of the rest of it until this week. Now I’ve seen six. Since Thursday night. Despite working late both nights and truly loving my sleep. I’m not generally one to follow the hype train quite so obsessively, at least not this late in the game, but now I’ll have to track down a copy of series 2 ASAP.

I also got most of my hair chopped off yesterday. I’m loving how short it is, but not sure of the styling yet. We’ll see after I wash it myself. It’s made me very aware of how unruly my eyebrows have become, so I have an appointment to fix that on Tuesday. Until then, feast your eyes on the FOLLICLES OF DOOM. Y’know, if I post a picture here or see you in person.

Yep, I’m pretty boring this morning. Go look at Jean Dujardin being amazing instead.

And/or, for the more cerebral, the World Press Photos of the Year.

Or you can enjoy some logos for the Best Picture nominees, as developed by a Croatian design student. (No, really, they’re good.)

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