Monographella nivalis.


#100BM Day 30

Dashing this off before my glorious 12+ hour workday (I took a manager shift, but for a good reason; the usual Tuesday night one is in Vancouver for a Giant Awesome Wedding).

Coming to a realisation that I don’t know anyone whose allergies are quite like mine? Weebro’s maybe are close, but no one else I know has airborne allergies that mostly just cause a) fatigue, b) flaky chin skin, c) runny eyes, and d) massive sinus headaches with little to no phlegm and aching ears. Sometimes there’s a bit of wheezing.

I did go to an allergist once. After being scratched with a zillion little potential triggers (as varied as raspberries, cat hair, dust, and ragweed), I was left alone for more than half an hour. The clinic was basically impossibly busy, so I think they forgot about me. And the results were inconclusive, even though several spots WERE raised and angry before that thirty minutes were up. Helpful!

So I have to be less clinical than that, until I can get a referral for a different allergy specialist (that clinic is considered to be the ‘best’ in the city, but yeah). I know July and August are miserable, presumably because of ragweed and goldenrod, and spring and summer are also awful, presumably because of snow mould everywhere (the cherry tree next door also does me in later in May/June). TAKE THAT, SCIENCE.

Still on a quest for an allergy medication that neither zombifies nor makes me a jittery, non-sleeping nutjob. At the moment, I’m taking a couple of Benadryl before bed, which helps some, but after trying, oh, probably thousands of dollars of antihistamines in my lifetime, I’m just resigned to feeling a bit shit much of the year.

That’s cheery, eh?

3 thoughts on “Monographella nivalis.

  1. If your allergist’s name rhymes with Dr. Fang, then yes, not all it’s cracked up to be. I routinely get left in there for 45 min or more and he’s very short with me at all times. He has suggested strongly that both Chris and my sister “just get rid of your cats” since they are allergic. You know, JUST LIKE THAT. My problem has been addressed to the best of his ability, I think (dust mites; shots) but I still get the headaches you describe on a semi-regular basis, often the same days as you, so who the hell knows, right? Ugh.

    I hope you can get a different referral. I know there are others.

  2. Jackie

    I am so fortunate to not suffer from allergies very much. That said, I cannot understand how they are evolutionarily beneficial. Would it not be better if we adjusted to the microscopic things that share our world? If bacteria can evolve to resist antibiotics in a few short decades, why are so many humans still allergic to grass???

    This is why I make wireframes, I guess, and don’t do science things. I would be a terrible science-thing-doer.

    I’m sorry you feel like crap.

  3. Erica

    I vote Jackie for Queen Of Human Adaptation Laws. (Please also address my baby’s inability to eat tasty things. Thank you.)

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