#100BM Day 37

Oh my, it’s late to be writing. I should be sleeping. I wrote the ‘Jeopardy!’ online test today and it was awful. Three answers that I didn’t get until it was too late to type them in in full (I got the ‘Ho’ in Hozier), many others not even attempted. I will never get rich off the back of a television show. I should maybe start buying lottery tickets again. Or develop better skills so I can make my fortune…somehow. Maybe by marrying well.

I ran today for the first time in far too long. I almost talked myself out of it, by which I mean I panicked so hard about failure that I thought about just quitting running entirely. This is not like me. I imagine it was hormone-related. I hope it was hormone-related and not a new phase of crippling self-pity.

I didn’t get far, but I got out, so that’s something. Then I biked to work after and did not die. My knees are creaking mightily, but they don’t hurt. Yet.

Now it is the time of sleeping, after I scrub the hell out of my mouth so I can avoid stanking up my pillows with fattoush breath.

Yep, still single. Please form an orderly queue, gentlemen.

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