Mornington Crescent.


Went into pub quiz with a five-point handicap and came out winning. As Ali and I had had fairly rotten Mondays, it was a nice little lift. It means an even bigger handicap next time around, mind, but I think playing without pressure can be good – we spent all evening assuming that we would never in a million years and laughed quite a bit (shouting ‘WHAT?!’ and ruder things) when we did.

One of my favourite ever things happened during this quiz, when something I head on a non-educational program is remembered and useful in answering a question. In this case, it was a joke from an episode of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue‘ from many years ago; I always listen to things Humphrey Lyttleton says/said. And because it wasn’t a fact from ‘The Simpsons’, it was a novel situation, as it is from there that most of my knowledge about, say, American history comes. (New golden rule: It doesn’t matter where true knowledge is acquired, as long as it is.)

Also, fish and chips were involved, so yay.

Off to get a filling repaired. I hope I won’t spend the rest off the day drooling on myself.

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