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#100BM Day 44

The culture of ‘validate my every move!!!!!!!’ is getting me down this week, even though I participate in it daily, including by updating this space and my mood changing depending on how many people have bothered clicking over to read what I’ve regurgitated that day.

I have hashtag fatigue. I barely read Twitter anymore because it seems like work. Facebook is too much, too full of stuff, and I digest about 1/1000th of the things posted to my feed. I need to take a break from inspirational messages over olde photos and pictures of nature. I need to read things in their context, instead of in bite-sized form. I am craving quality over quantity, but also bigger quantities of quality. But I’m not sure how to bust out of that pattern.

And I’m getting increasingly livid about assholes who chase good people off of social media. Whose messages are more important and get to take up more space? A poverty campaigner talking about government policies that need to change, or the dingbat who threaten her because of her politics and gayness? It makes me hate free speech and the internet democracy. It makes me want to shut the internet down for a few days to see if people open their eyes are realise what a waste of time their offensive and petty their comments are.

It wouldn’t. Grown-ups are just children who owe money. We all want attention, good or bad, and the internet is the easiest place to do it. The Kardashians, who are otherwise lacking in myriad important human areas, are bajillionaires on the back (and butt) of that. It’s depressing.

I got really into a silly game on Lumosity and spent hours on it over the last couple of weeks, including yesterday. When I finally conquered the last of twelve levels, it almost physically hurt to realise what a waste of time it was and how little a victory over some 1s and 0s meant. I could have been learning something or talking to a human person, but nope, I chose to spend my time making imaginary coffees. The validation I got from this thing gave me about five seconds of joy after many, many, many minutes of frustration.

And for what? So I could be late getting to the bus stop?

It’s spring cleaning day at the cinema, though I suppose outdoor stuff will have to wait for less Aberdonian November weather. I’ll be cleaning my office. Maybe I’ll try a brain scrub too.

2 thoughts on “Most frequently quoted bits of Peter’s Friends.

  1. Erica

    We watched Mike Myers’s Shep Gordon doc last night. It sure made it look like easygoing goofing around with drugs and women and rock stars and chefs makes for a somewhat noble and charitable life that doesn’t require much hard work… There seem to be different degrees of usefulness of time wastage. Maybe I should’ve been doing coke with musicians instead of getting to level 802 of Candy Crush (“last of 12 levels” – could be MUCH worse, M2)?

  2. ali

    I feel you, my friend. I am seriously considering a media fast. I have spent the winter clicking links and being brainless, and I actually don’t feel like myself anymore. Like my brain is being rewired, in a way I don’t like. time for a major reset.

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