I’m going to be fighting with temptations all of next week. I drank half a bottle of wine last night so that it wouldn’t be there, taunting me into attempting to drink my blues away. There is free coffee, and popcorn, at work. Oh, and my cupboards are full of food (though the fridge is not in great shape).

And this doesn't even include the baking supplies.

And this doesn’t even include the baking supplies.

The photo of the baking (minus flour and sugar) gear is stubbornly not uploading, but that’s the least of my problems, because here’s what I get next week:



Plugged this into Fitday (minus spices and oil) and it totals 5832 calories.

So, about 1166 calories a day. Let’s round that up to 1200 calories.

Shockingly like that weird diet guideline so many ill-informed and dangerous magazine articles advise.

I knew I was going to be hungry, and Live Below the Line is not about body image at all, but the coincidence amused, and appalled, me all the same.


In other news, I discovered that a pinch of dried ginger and a pinch of brown sugar in hot water is something slightly akin to tea, so maybe that will save my sanity once or twice. Fingers crossed.

Why am I doing this crazy thing? To raise money to fight extreme poverty around the world, of course! Thousands of others in six different countries are trying it too.

Starts tomorrow (in Canada), so if you’re organized, there is still time to join.

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