Mr. Farnsworth.


A lot happened yesterday. I ran a big race (in just over 2:30, which is a total arse – I had to pee during the race and lost some time to queuing for a portaloo), ate brunch, napped epically, made nachos, watched the Emmys.

So, really, aside that running thing, I was a slug. That’s fine. Sundays are good for that.

What I did not do this weekend was get any writing, of any kind, done, aside from some snarky tweets and FB statuses.

But sometimes brevity is good. Just ask Merritt Wever, who is probably Queen of the Internet today.

It is a bit of a shame that the best thing at the Emmys happened in the first five minutes, though. As did the second best thing (Tina Fey & Amy Poehler heckling). And yet? I sat through all three hours and change of that…disappointment? Morose and awkward ‘tribute’ to some television and random history? Poor NPH probably has award show fatigue, but he got a producer credit on that bastard and couldn’t back out.

There’s no excuse for Carrie Underwood butchering the Beatles, though, god.

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