Mr. Lachey’s dentist.


I did that thing where I wandered around Whole Foods and didn’t buy anything again. Honestly, I have walked through their grocery section at least a dozen times and have maybe actually made two purchases.

But I am missing cheese and thought they might have an OK-ish vegan nut-based thing to try, but I was disappointed that their faux cheezes were mostly just Daiya. Blech.

Besides, I dumbly spent $30 on moisturiser yesterday, so I can’t justify spending a roll of coins* on probably-gross fake cheese I won’t eat anyway.

I miss nachos.

I probably should have looked for some kind of fake butter-like thing without palm oil, though.

Today in Gilmore Girls revival nonsense: The writing staff and cast need Ben Siemon.

* I live in Canada. Like Mario World, most of our money is coins.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Lachey’s dentist.

    • megan

      I don’t think there is one, but I was really hoping there was some undiscovered something, y’know? WF always seemed like a fantasyland of miracle products, but hasn’t proven it yet.

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