Musicals starring Daniel Radcliffe.


#100BM Day 60

I know it’s tough out there to get noticed. I write (kinda) every day (sorta) for a readership of not-very-many. I post links a few places to get that handful of readers. I have no real aspirations for this space, and will definitely not be getting ‘discovered’ based on what I do here.

Until I put more effort into it, anyway.*

Which is why I find it kind of incredible when strangers show up at my workplace in the middle of the day without any warning and, say, offer to speak at a film presentation the following week, or try to sell us a new-to-us ATM. Does that actually ever WORK?

I know that people complain a lot about mass emails, or telemarketers, but at least give us the opportunity to say ‘NO NO NO’ before I have to get off my tired ass for the fourth time in an afternoon to answer the door to some weirdo I don’t want to talk to, but can’t seem to brush off with a firm ‘Did you make an appointment?’, ‘We’re not open’, or ‘No habla Inglés’ via the intercom.

I can’t imagine the uptake is high, particularly for the dude who randomly wanted to come do an impromptu Q&A before a movie he hadn’t seen, or the would-be popcorn vendor who never had business cards or catalogues with him but still showed up appointment-less twice in two months, so, what’s the motivation? Do people crave rejection? Or do they really believe they have something that we might want?

In other words, today was kinda irritating.

But it started with scones and ended with pizza, so it could have been far worse.

* I nearly posted a cat photo instead of writing something, but Hamish wouldn’t sit still for long enough to take one. Also, today’s title is a cheap shot at getting page views – oddly, if my referrer logs are to be believed, most of the strangers who show up reading these pages come from a Google search for Katie Holmes’s character’s name in The Ice Storm. Because why not.

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