Nancy Zieman.


Going in early so that I can down and dirty and really tackle the office mess before the press screening today. How exciting. Here are some things to look at elsewhere.

I’m no fan of KONY 2012, but Jason Biggs, you are on my Shit List for this. A psychotic break is not a joke.

Speaking of mental illness, Peter Serafinowicz was pretty candid about his struggles with depression, anxiety, and booze yesterday on Twitter. He recommended this blog post  and this health website for information about those first two problems.

There’s a cougar in Ottawa! Well, near it. Or maybe it’s just a giant moggy.

People are regretting giving their kids yewneek naymz. Poor little Chylly Pharr’ts and Cinder Block.

Have you noticed that American women aren’t being treated as capable of making, well, almost any decision themselves anymore?  At least, a lot of members of the GOP seem to be thinking that way. Some states want to violate women seeking abortions, for any reason, with invasive and humiliating medical procedures. Here’s one woman’s heartbreaking story.

This kind of thing gives me hope, though: A Doctor’s Manifesto for Fighting Transvaginal Ultrasounds.

Yesterday was World Water Day. Water, keeping it clean, and keeping it accessible, is pretty damned important. The Big Picture, as usual, posted an amazing series of photos  in honour of the day.

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