Neighbour relations.


(Holidailies Day #6.)

Short entry, because (ironically?) I have to leave for a trivia competition in about 15 minutes and I’m still not fit to be seen in public.

TIL: Polish parliamentary speaker Radosław Sikorski claimed that, in 2008, Vladimir Putin suggested to then-Polish PM Donald Tusk that Poland and Russia divide up and share the Ukraine.

Sure, he soon retracted that statement, but WHO WOULD MAKE THAT UP AND STATE IT PUBLICLY when Putin is so frickin’ terrifying. Good lord.

Also, would it surprise anyone if that were true?

And sure, Lvov was a Polish city until quite recently and was featured more or less as one at the Holocaust museum in Kraków.

How I learned this: Let’s face it, I was attempting to cram for trivia, which never works.

Here’s a video showing the malleability of Poland’s borders (aka how many times it was conquered/restored/invaded anew) just ’cause.

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