Neville Chamberlain.


Just a quick one today, since I am really sleepy from going out (in another city) on a school night and have a sore throat, either from shouting or falling asleep on a Greyhound bus.

I went to see Amon Tobin’s ISAM, which was so very amazing and cool that I feel like I shouldn’t have been allowed to see it. The rest of the North American tour is sold out, but if you get an opportunity to go, you really should. But do not gorge yourself on giant sandwiches and french fries beforehand because the bass will rattle the potato-y brick in your belly in uncomfortable ways. (Yes, I’m olde.* I actually thought about buying earplugs, y’all!)

* This was the first time I’d been at Metropolis since 1996. 1996! WTF! Where did the time go?

I recently got into a long argument with a friend of mine, which is a rare thing. I am really not very good at arguing. Partly because I am so afraid of losing friends that I do not want to offend anyone horribly and not have them not talk to me again, but also because I’m just not very good at it. I know how an argument — a reasoned, grown-up one — SHOULD work, but I get muddled easily and forget my point or mix up evidence or just get fed up, or more than anything, I kinda give in and walk away. This is not good. So if you want me to feel guilty enough to buy you a puppy, maybe try starting a fight with me about something.

(Unless, y’know, I’m 100% sure that I am absolutely right, in which case I will not let up and possibly judge you forever. But not many people argue with me about trivia.)

So, hey, in the interest of full disclosure (please note: I rarely full disclose anything – I’m a pretty private person, hence the lack of specific detail above), I’m a fool and sent Mr Watson the wrong file attachment, so the new Very Late Review did not go up yesterday. It should be up some time later today? This week? Soon, anyway.

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