(Hooray! The rantings and ravings of the last few days is OVER! Thank you to the four people who might have read all three entries! Back to frivolities!)

Tomorrow’s ride day and it’s supposed to rain for the whole of it. I’ve already bought new cycling shoes, but I might have to bust out the credit card to get a jacket that actually has some water repelling power (my current one was re-sprayed with that Gore-Tex revitalisation stuff, but is still fairly useless). Between that and car repairs (wheel bearings, in this case), it has been a really expensive week.

But let’s not make this about me; Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are splitting up! Oh dear oh my oh me. The nerds of the internet are all weeping into their Cheerios this morning. I think Caity Weaver put it best. But, for the first time in a long time (unlike, say, the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing), I don’t want to know the details of a celebrity split. Because it’s none of my business. Is that weird? I normally love gossip, but I think that, in this instance, I adore both parties so much, and, frankly, wish I could be friends with either of them, people (and People) should just leave them the hell alone. Abel’s face conveys what I am thinking: Fuck off. All of you.

It’s gonna be an awkward Emmys, though, eh?

Watched the last day of the DNC yesterday with Richard. He loves the pageantry and showmanship and thinks it’s a key part of politics, especially in the States. I hate almost all of it and appreciate our short campaigns and chaotic, nitpicky, and yet somehow rather dull debates. Besides, it should be the bits between elections that’s most important, no? I AM RIGHT ON THIS, RIGHT?!

I put out this call on Twitter, but does anyone have a lead on a cheap, quiet place to stay in Chicago for a few days in December? It’s a long story. Maybe I will tell it some time.

* Believe it or not, I often deliberate over titles here for a good long while, and all are related, at least convolutedly, to the rest of the text. I never provide an explanation. In this case, though, my nerd brain can’t resist a little trivia about where the word comes from.

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