Not throttling Thomas. (Not a euphemism.)


Watched a helluva lot of ‘Downton Abbey’ yesterday (I had the house to myself, so I was able to commandeer the television for hours). Here are some things I’ve learned from it:

1. Sometimes you’re only half right about the lovable asshole.

2. If you have great costume design and witty dialogue, no one will know it’s a soap opera.

3. World War I was over pretty quickly and leave was granted frequently.

4. Newspaper publishers were dickheads even a century ago.

5. Iain Glen’s getting a lot of work lately.

6. Maria Doyle is bone-chillingly evil as Vera and looks like she’s having a blast playing that character.

7. Being the middle child turns everyone into Jan Brady.

8. Yorkshire is much more blue-skied than I remember.

9. A large house always needs at least one redheaded maid.

10. Maggie Smith is still never not delightful.

If I shake this headache, I’m going for a run before I go into work. Or watching the last few episodes. In between the period drama, I watched some more ‘Breaking Bad’, which is a really good way to shake oneself up and not know one way from the other. Thus far, ‘BB’ has disturbed me far more, and ‘Downton’ has made me cry more. Both are equally funny (actually belly-laughingly).


One thought on “Not throttling Thomas. (Not a euphemism.)

  1. Amanda

    Wait, we’re not supposed to realize (or is it “realise”) it’s a soap opera? It’s one of my favorite things about Downton!

    One of my favorite Dowager Countess zingers:

    Lady Grantham: “You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”
    Mrs. Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”
    Lady Grantham: “I must’ve said it wrong.”

    How can anyone not love this show?

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