#100BM Day 25

So, a single room in a hostel in Reykjavík is going to cost me about $160/night. At least I have a coffee maker and fridge in my room?

I could have stayed in a dorm room for about $65, but I reckon that I might want better sleep than that would provide before I undertake a 10K in an actually hilly place.

And I could Airbnb it for a smidge less (like, $20), but I am having Stranger Danger Spideysense issues about staying with a stranger, or alone in someone else’s apartment. Also, I might talk to folks in the hostel’s common rooms, despite my occasionally shutting-down-and-not-speaking travel habits. If I finished a 10K and had to go back to a totally empty place, I would probably cry my eyes out. (I have been known to cry at races if there is no one there to meet me. It’s happened more than once. Yes, I am a wimp. This spoke to me.)

My Viking ancestors* would be ashamed that I am not just sleeping rough on the side of a volcano to keep warm, catching fish with my hands, and turning funny berries and puffin feathers into Akvavit.

But I’m fairly sure Surtsey doesn’t have WiFi.**

* Pure speculation, but dude who founded the Scottish clan whence I got my last name was a Norseman. More likely that I’m descended from the peasants who were doing his bidding.

** Weirder things have happened, though. I had a strong 3G signal on an extremely rickety ferry in Pentland Firth. Also notable? That trip was the first time that I was basically turned inside-out by motion sickness. It was grim. Turns out that the cheap ferry goes across the roughest bit of water in the British Isles. Whoops.

Also, alas, I am not actually going to Surtsey.

2 thoughts on “Óðr.

  1. Jackie

    I get weirdly misty at the beginning of most races (all these people are doing this same thing! I FEEL BONDED TO YOU ALLLLL!) and intermittently throughout if anyone is wearing a message they are running in memory of someone.

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