Olivia Benson.


I’m at work, so I will keep this brief.

There is a lot of talk of what constitutes a rape, particularly by criminally clueless American male politicians. The latest in idiocy is from Mike Huckabee, who has said that rape makes some great people result from ‘forcible rapes’.

Hey guys, forcible rapes can be for the greater good! That’s great news! Let’s keep raping! Especially forcibly!

At least, unlike Akin, he realizes that ‘legitimate’ rape can result in babies.

BTW, all rape? Legitimate rape.

All rape? Bad. Very bad.

Strong people can result from pretty much any life situation, so let’s not credit a gruesome, criminal act.

Men like Huckabee, Akin, and their ilk have no business representing any woman. Except they were elected.

Have a vagina? Want to be in charge it?* Don’t vote these assholes in again.

Here’s Shauna Prewitt’s “An Open Letter to Rep. Akin from a Woman Who Got Pregnant from Rape“.

This is Caitlin Moran’s definition of a feminist.

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