#100BM Day 99

Yeah, so this dumb 100 days challenge should end tomorrow, but I missed three days, so if I come up with three more days of content, maybe I’ll keep going.

Or not.

Because 1) Kim Kardashian was on ‘Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me1’ this week and 2) I found her quite funny and charming. This might mean the end of days are upon us.

In other news, the most unbelievable thing in ‘Hannibal’ again this week was Will Graham’s ability to have perfect designer stubble even while critical ill/injured. I can totally buy Dr. Lecter blagging his way into a professorship in the age of social media and being about to use a human body as origami paper, but nurses doing $200 fancy beard-sculpting jobs in TWO different hospitals is a step too fucking far.

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