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I have a lot of troubles with people not being able to enter their own email addresses properly. I get a wide array of messages during the week, as my email address is myfirstinitiallastname@areallymajoremailprovidingjuggernaut.com. I have a newer one, but I’m not in the groove of using it yet.

In addition to an email forward including a very, very long list of what a military contractor misses most about life in ‘America’ (presumably the United States – Canadians can be incredibly pedantic about this) when he’s overseas (including ‘going to the mall for no other reason but to window shop just because you can’ and several jingoistic sentiments) (not sure for whom this forward was intended, but that woman has sent me information about detoxing for Jesus before, I think) and a thank you for purchasing a car at Robbins Chevrolet in Humble, TX (I guess Mark Mylastname bought a new vehicle – I used to get notifications from a different Chevy dealer), lately, I have been getting several messages a day for Melissa Mylastname, who has used my email address to reply to dozens of ads on Kijiji looking for a house rental in Northern Ontario

Confusingly, a different Melissa has been receiving forwards from real estate agents in Florida for house rentals down there. So perhaps Melissa is an wannabe snowbird? Or are there two Melissas who don’t know their own email addresses, but need places to live?

Hey, Melissa(s)? Wonder why you haven’t heard from any of your potential landlords? It’s because you are even worse at proofreading your own work than I am.

Folks, auto-fill is not your friend. Kijiji remembers if you filled the wrong thing in once. And it ain’t funny like autocorrect can be. It prevents things happening, useful things like finding a place to live. And not making strangers resent the heck out of you.

To others, if a stranger says ‘Hey, this isn’t Malcolm’s address’, delete that address from your memory banks so that, down the line, you will accidentally send me a guilt-trippy letter about not getting a thank you message for a birthday present and I will reply even more ungratefully than your etiquette-challenged nephew.

Human error makes technological advances fail. Do your part, y’all.

This entry was sponsored in part by an intern in a friend’s office who claimed that her computer got a virus ‘From printing something’. Yes, kiddo, lying will make it better. Technology doesn’t make you stupid, people make themselves stupid. Look up and around once in a while and think for yourself. The machines can’t do it for you.

Also? This is great.

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