#100BM Day 103-3

This month has been shit, right? My own self-centredness has me believing that after Hamish died at the end of May, the universe turned on its head. I know handfuls of people who have lost loved ones, been hospitalised, said goodbye to their livelihoods, or are just plain are having a shit go of the things lately. Business at the cinema is the worst I can remember. Outside of my sphere, the wider world seems to be suffering more and more as well. It’s just too much.

The next phase of what I have planned for this blog will include a weekly feature that will not be about me. It will be about learning and having a bit of fun; a project to make the world slightly brighter and slightly smarter (assuming anyone bothers reading). A regularisation (what a terrible made-y uppy word) and expansion of the TILABM thing I have been neglecting for a long while (pretty much since Holidailies).

Projects are good. Projects help me focus. Projects might entertain people more than benign mundanity.

That having been said, there will be another #100BM (which Rachel hilariously tried searching for on Google or similar and came up with some 100 Black Men hashtag?) project later this year, probably in the fall. In the meantime, I need to spend more time outside. You probably should too.

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