Oscar nominee Dean Pelton.


I wrote a lot yesterday. I won’t write much today, except to promote work by folks who either work at the Cinema now or have worked there in the past. When I talked about community yesterday, I neglected to mention that the Cinematorium is probably my most important community (despite many of the young’uns being scared of their boss) and is a hotbed of creativity, talent, and whimsy.

Current staffer Laura (who also TAs and is finishing grad school) and former popcorn slinger Taline both write for OpenFile Ottawa.

Former Goddess of the Candy Bar Lesley makes films and videos, while work a ‘real job’ at Saw Video. She collaborates a lot with Matt, who still works here, but also directs plays and acts in music videos. Staffers Gen, Marie-France, Phil, and Sheri (who also acts in other things, including music videos, films, and online projects) and former staffers Jeremy and Emilie have starred in their productions too. This loosely knit group is known as the Bytowne Collective.

A long time ago, Rolf, the front man for The Acorn and member of Silkken Lauman, worked here. The latter’s new video stars Matt.

Jovana writes for Toronto Film Scene and sometimes for Exclaim!. Here, she talks about Bridesmaids.

(Also, Richard’s a brilliant writer, Stefan performs with a shouty band (but is shy about details) while getting published in academic journals too, and Adam is an illustrator. And Piotr, who worked at the cinema a long time ago and is working as a graphic designer for a Polish advertising firm told me yesterday that ‘apparently the client i have been assigned had blow up sex dolls made and wanted their logo silkscreened on the nipples.’ Amazing.)

These are just off the top of my head, BTW. I’m waiting for the newer staffers to reveal that they play accordion or do spot-on Nina Simone impressions.

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