Oscar WINNER Dean Pelton.


Keeping it short this morning. Slept in a bit because I watched the Oscars at the other indie theatre in town last night (and had Twizzlers and a cupcake for dinner). Not sure I’ll do it again, as the ‘value added’ part is not as enticing as it once was (I am getting olde). Also, they charge $1.50 for a cup of water, which just seems criminal, especially if you are serving booze for the evening.

The Oscars themselves were not at all surprising. I know some people, usually young jaded types, do the eyeroll and think Billy Crystal is corny and predictable. But y’know what? He’s such a fucking showman and is just what the ceremony needs; trying to make the whole thing young and hip is ridiculous. Billy Crystal is the comfortable old shoe, a classic, well-maintained Oxford, of Academy Awards host. Franco/Hathaway are like these, shoes that will have a loose heel and several pulls by the end of the night.

So, yes, if Mr Crystal doesn’t want to host again, get someone with some hoke in, please.

(I really tried to find the Joseph Gordon-Levitt one. He might be an ideal host one day as he is full of joy and talent.)

In conclusion, holy crap Jean Dujardin is handsome. Yes, I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.

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