Had to be at work three hours early this morning to let in a tv crew who are doing intros/outros for a new show on community television. They, of course, turned up late, so I might have been able to squeeze another 15 minutes of quality time curled up in bed under the covers. The temp was in single digits, y’see, and it’s been ages since I got to bury myself in bed lineny loveliness with a cat at my feet. (Hamish sleeps in more often when it is chilly, for which I am grateful.)

Of course, I haven’t been using my time terribly productively because I’ve had to flip lights on and off, answer the door, and spend some quality time staring into space (a key part of every one of my mornings). Luckily, it’s podcast day! Two of my favourites went up this morning, so the bits of work I’ve been hacking away at have had entertaining backdrops. You should check ’em out.

Professor Blastoff

Dave Gorman

Sometimes I think about setting up a podcast, but I don’t want to rant alone, and I’m not sure with whom I could host one. I have a feeling that conversations at Euchre or between Richard and I when we’re a few drinks in would be hilarious, but a) none of those people (except me) would agree to be recorded*, b) out of context, none of it would be as entertaining, and c) coming up with a theme and a format sounds like a lot of work.

* Even though Richard’s been told he has a great voice for broadcasting from the time it broke, probably when he was 11. I think he already had a beard then too.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, because I’m a super professional, about how to get started in grant-writing. I think I could be good at it, and it would be a good way to get a bit of freelancing work.

Trouble is, I only have about, oh, three days of experience in working on grants at Failed Non-Profit, and I wasn’t allowed to do the bulk of the writing. I just toned down the passive voice by about 87.9% and formatted it to be a little more polished than TNR 12-point with Word default 1.25 margins. Good times.

(I had to do stuff like that a lot, as Plain English was not their strong suit. I even explained the concept to the Acting Director once and she looked like I was speaking to her in Esperanto. For example, they would choose to refer to ‘the report about the budgetary matters of <long form name of organization>’ instead of ‘<short form name>’s budget report’ (hell, even ‘report’ could be optional there). Repeatedly. If I were truly cruel, I would make a mean comment about their funding woes here, so I won’t.**)

I would prefer to learn on the job, but I don’t think any organisation is just gonna let a n00b help them ask for money. Are workshops worth it, or are there websites that’ll give me all the info I need for free?

WHO WANTS TO LET ME TRY TO GET THEM SOME MONEY? And then give me some of it? Please?

** Except that one.

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  1. Alison

    Meg, small arts organizations like A Company of Fools spend a ton of their time grant-writing and i bet they’d love to have someone like you do it for them, but I doubt they could pay you. It would help you get experience though. I’d try Odyssey Theatre, Plosive Productions, and maybe some of the small art galleries.

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