#100BM Day 89

Got a really nice comment (comments are rare ’round these parts) yesterday: ‘Your Months of Mundanity series is pleasantly non-alienating for me.’

I am delighted by this. Thank you! The internet is so full of extremes of ‘Life is SO great LOOK AT ME’ and ‘EVERYONE IS THE FUCKING WORST AND I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF IT’ that it is almost instantly exhausting. At the risk of going all McConaughey on you, life is mostly just livin’, y’all, so I am very pleased that my little oasis of guarded, frequently dull as shit, genuine existence is appreciated. My ego thanks you.

How’s this for just existing?

Spent today cleaning the hardwood floor in the front hall and on the stairs and doing some immensely long overdue dusting between slats in the bannister. I hate floor-cleaning and dusting most of all, despite it ultimately being satisfying work. It’s just so FIDDLY. And once a cloth has cat hair on it, no matter how many times it rinsed, or how many times you change the bucket water, one always gets to a point of wiping away dust and leaving individual strands of fur behind here and there.

I took a lot of breaks to knit and read.

And I had to set a lot of timers otherwise that is all I would have done, in a sort of bastardised version of UFYH because for a good chunk of the afternoon, I was doing the 45/20 thing, but in the direction of ‘fun’/’not fun’, rather than the other way around. Because I am not a grown-up.

Speaking of non-grown-ups, here is Wee Matthew in a cardigan I made for him, the first baby sweater I finished before the baby in question grew out of it.

The grown-up pullover I’ve been working on is about 1/10th done at this point. Anyone got shows to recommend I binge watch while finishing that one up? I need, like, 87 hours of content.

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