Neck and soul feeling a lot stronger today, thank goodness.I hope to try running again tomorrow if things continue to improve. Might even go to a yoga class later today.

How boring.

Cooking yesterday was moderately successful. Made a nut-crust quiche, polenta-based lasagna, potato-corn chowder with bacon, and quinoa salad with lime-cilantro dressing, and carrots with ‘Moroccan’ spices and parsley. There are leftovers enough for a few lunches, but the bulk of it is going to Manotick. And that’s OK.

Again, how unexciting I am this morning.

Yeah, really, it’s one of those mornings/weeks when I wonder why I am doing this blog. It happens now and again. I wonder if I’m writing for me, as an exercise, or because I wanted to be ‘discovered’ in the blogosphere, or just so people I know can keep up with the (frequently mundane) events of my lives. I can’t answer that today, it’s too big a question for my puny, Sunday-morning brain.

Anyway, I watch this clip of Lee Mack talking about getting fired from Butlins when I need cheering up. John Cleese loses his shit and it’s glorious.

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