#100BM Day 101-3

I’m going on a trip next week with R. We’ve known each other for 20 years (and dated for about the first five years of that), but we havent been on a trip together since the 90s, save for daytrips to two or three shows in Montréal.

I so rarely travel with other people that I am always trepidatious about it. I am such a dull traveller, spending a lot of time just existing in places that aren’t my home, rather than trying to cram in as many things as possible, that I have concerns that I might just be TOO boring to deal with. Other people likely don’t want to hang out in a hotel room watching Cartoon Network and eating Chipotle on a Friday night in a new city. (What is WRONG with them?)

Even worse, I am worried that I’m a terrible planemate.

I’m struggling to remember the last time I was on a plane as the same time as someone I know. Jackie and I were MEANT to be on the same plane returning from New York once, but there was an emergency landing situation at Newark and the resulting closed runway/general mayhem (and my needing to a make a connection that she didn’t) put me on a different flight.

So yeah, do I fart aloud and not notice? Am I an armrest hog? Do I breathe audibly in a screechy whistle in the recycled cabin air? Or, and this is most likely, especially on a flight serving booze, do I speak too loudly to compensate for the roaring engine noises? I don’t chat with strangers on planes enough to know.

So apologies in advance, man. I sure wouldn’t want to travel with me, if only because I’m too neurotic.

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  1. Jackie

    You’re fine to travel with! At least, you were in NYC. I mostly just exist in other places too and wonder what I should be doing if not making the most of $16 hotel wi-fi.

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