I’m a fool for thinking I can write everyday. Or just lazy. Take your pick.

I’ve had a second charity hat request today, so hooray! Thank you, Steph! As soon as I finish this baby cardigan business (my goddaughter and her twin turn one later this month, a day after the charity event to which the hat-making is related), I’ll get started on it!

For those who want to know what the heck I’m talking about,  check this out.

Back to a Bob’s Burgers rerun and veggie shepherd’s pie with brown sauce. Klassing it up yet again, McLeod.

Speaking of klassy, I saw a woman buying seven bottles of wine yesterday. Total cost? Less than $63. There were four different kids. I should have asked if they were for drinking or marinating fruit or something, because if there’s a non-caustic $7.95 bottle out there? I’m all over it.

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