Finally getting my semi-blocked and itchy/burnt ear checked out today after a week of complaining. Not sure it’s a full-blown infection, but I thought I might as well get it assessed instead of waiting for pus to make an appearance.

I am in a walk-in clinic waiting to be called and I have been eating up my phone’s battery power through excessive whing. But seriously, already an hour wait? I got here ten minutes before they were technically open! Also, I doubt very much that having a poorly calibrated touchscreen kiosk is saving time in registering people; almost everyone has had to ask for help – hell, I almost did and I hate people (especially today). A family of three have come in for full MOTs without appointments. Luckily, they are not ahead of me, as there is only one doctor in.

Unluckily, the tv in the waiting room is clinic-based propaganda that has about six bars of ‘The Scientist’ on a loop.

A woman has just stormed out in a fury because the estimate wait time is now two hours.

Also, this is the second clinic I’ve been to this morning; it turns out the one in my neighbourhood doesn’t take walk-in patients anymore. Which I found out after I got there.

So, yes, it’s been an irritating Saturday so far.

After, though, I am heading to the Library to finally get advice for this research project, then maybe I will visit the Hub, since I am confused as to what they do, but think they might be helpful anyway. Then I will probably go home, bake something delicious, and eat it.

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