Spent much of my waking time testing a screen (one bit is fine, but I need a new font for the other – it’s just too fine for a non-commercial set-up, especially if it’s being done by an oaf like me) and writing a reply to a person who is being too precious about digital cinema. Because a movie he wants to see was shot on film, he doesn’t think the director intended it to be shown in a digital format. If that were the case, would his other films have been released on blu-ray or DVD? Would he use digital tools for colour correction? Would he have made other films with digital cameras? I am of a mind that most filmmakers just want their movies seen. There are exceptions, obviously, but they are going have a devil of a time finding commercial screens on which to present their films on film.

Already running late, or I’d elaborate on this more. In the meantime, go watch this Moscow flash mob. Not just because it’s delightful, but because it’ll remind Ontarians of winter, which we’re sorely missing right now.


Or watch this Funny or Die Video, which helped inspire the lamer-than-usual blog title, but is very funny.


Edited to add Happy Birthday to Chris! (He writes the car blog linked to at right – he has one of the coolest jobs ever.)

And also HOLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT IT  CONGRATULATIONS to Mark on doing his half-Ironman this past weekend! I am in awe, sir.

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  1. Erica

    The half-ironman isn’t til the fall! This was an Olympic-distance triathlon. QUITE a feat for any of us, but a mere training race for him. 🙂

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