In case any of y’all were keeping track, I got a slightly better night’s sleep; I only woke up four times and was never awake for more than an hour.

I was wide awake about 90 minutes after I first fell asleep, having already had very vivid dreams. In one, I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where Kaley Cuoco was Maid of Honour and she was Mean Girling me all day, so I disguised myself in some kind of cultural inappropriate South Asian-ish wedding dress to trick her.* In another, I was part of a flash mob in an underground McDonald’s (in a converted church? castle?) queuing up rhythmically to ‘Get Lucky’. Because that is SOOOOO me.**

At least I woke up with a ‘WTF’ rather than a WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Still fairly sure my brain is actually 95% broken somehow, though.


*No, I don’t know how/why that would have worked, I haven’t slept properly in a couple of weeks.

**Though, I could really go for a McMuffin right now, made on de-sanctified ground or not.

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