Things observed while rewatching the first four episodes of ‘Moonlighting’ this week:

  • ‘Bitch’ was apparently a word allowed on network television.
  • ‘Hausfrau’ was already part of the vernacular
  • A cancer-ridden Phil from ‘Murphy Brown’ can beat up a baby-faced Griffin Mill with a IV pole
  • Mitchum Huntzberger had more FAR more hair twenty years after his gig as a overnight DJ with a secret
  • Fake tv wine in the 1980s looked like nothing an adult human should be drinking
  • I have no idea why I wanted to stay up to watch this when I was 9 as I wouldn’t have understood 90% of what the hell they were talking about
  • Bruce Willis really was a fucking charming motherfucker (oh, maybe that was it)

Now I must go pour one out for the quintillions of silkworms, hundreds of mustiladae and rodents, and half-cow that went into Maddie Hayes wardrobe. Take it, Bruno.


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