Pinning things with a copper/zinc alloy.*


‘If you are inconveniencing someone, stop. If you can’t stop, at least be apologetic about it.’

This is more or less The Golden Rule around these parts and, after, this weekend, I’m just boggling at how inconsiderately and downright horribly some of my friends have been treated by ‘friends’, coworkers, and random acquaintances. To the point where they are afraid to go out their own front door. Or lost their job. Or had a relationship break up. Or just live in a perpetual state of not being able to trust anyone.

Seriously, why the FUCK would you seek to actually, and actively, ruin the career, marriage, or life of a person who is just trying to get by like anyone else? It beggars belief. Don’t you have better things to do with your time? Don’t you have a single remorseful voice in your body? Don’t you get really damned tired of the drama? ‘Cause I sure do. And I am.**

Get over yourself. You are not the centre of the universe.*** Neither am I. Neither is the person you’re striving to make miserable. Go live your own life and try to be a nicer person. And don’t forget to be sorry for your selfish actions, okay?

*I wanted to call this ‘Stay away from my friends or I’ll cut you’, but that’s not even true. Set them out to sea on a rickety raft? Maybe.
**Even though some of these things happened a dozen years ago.
***This might evolve into a new Rule. Perhaps a Persimmon or Plaid one.

2 thoughts on “Pinning things with a copper/zinc alloy.*

  1. Jackie


    Seriously though, if I ever do inconvenience you, tell me, because I try as much as possible to be aware but I am often oblivious.

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