Pints at the End of the World.


(Holidailies Day #8.)

Thing about my life
My alarm woke me up at 6:30. I turned it off, then fell asleep until 9:20. I had a hair appointment at 10. I got ready in about 10 minutes. Missed my bus by half a block. Got to my appointment only five minutes late, where the marvellous Al was waiting with coffee for me ’cause he KNOWS, man. Things seemed OK. Then I got to work to a notice saying I’d missed the FedEx pickup. Still haven’t quite settled into the day, and it’s after 6pm.

Thing you might find interesting
The crusty ends of Cornish pasties probably helped prevent arsenic poisoning, making mining SLIGHTLY less perilous.

Thing you might find less interesting
Mental Floss (RIP print edition) ran 12 Fun Facts about ‘You Can’t Do that on Television’ and didn’t mention the fact that I went to high school with some of the kids from that show. It’s like they’re snubbing me or something.

Thing you might have missed in the news because of all the stuff about that dude and his minions who are going to expedite our deaths
Fiji still has a human rights problem, this time involving the torture of people in police and military custody! (Here’s some information, from 2009, on how Fiji water ain’t helping the folks living under dictatorship, that I probably posted in a previous Holidailies.)

Thing you might have missed in the news because it’s not going to expedite our deaths
A cheat, since Canadians have already heard, but a non-Queen woman, a BLACK woman, is going to be on the Canadian $10 bill. Viola (née Davis!!!!) Desmond was an anti-segregation (yep, racist shit happened/happens in Canada, folks) activist in Nova Scotia in the 1940s and 50s and a badass.

3 thoughts on “Pints at the End of the World.

  1. themis

    YOU DID??!!? I loved that show in junior high. I suppose I could come back with having briefly gone to high school with Alyssa Milano – my friends tricked her into attending my 16th birthday party, because they knew pissing her off would make my week, but eh. Also, I knew Gwen Stefani, because my friend Renee was dating the guitarist of another band at her high school that traditionally opened for No Doubt.

    Also, Fiji water started bottling on the Big Island after that, and since there’s little in the way of an aquifer, they used the spring at the base of the landfill (transfer station; we lived too far in the boonies to have city utilities) where we dumped our trash growing up. I don’t think they’ve bottled in Fiji for a long time.

    • megan

      Those are some impressive, less tenuous links with fame than mine. Did you ever sing ‘Teen Steam’ at Ms. Milano? 🙂

      Fiji’s website still says the water comes from Fiji, and I can’t find evidence to the contrary. Where did you hear about that? Is it being covered up?

  2. boy

    Somehow, think you got your ‘More interesting’ and ‘Less interesting’ topics mixed up. While the factoid about Cornish pasties -is- interesting, the more interesting one was about ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’.

    I grew up in a household that didn’t have cable television. We were rural (90 miles from NYC/60 from Albany) and just happened to be on high enough ground that my father was able to have the sense to put a larger than usual antenna atop the house and we were able to pull in not only the Albany tv stations, but the ones from NYC and New Jersey as well (WWOR). 30 years later, we moved into town, and got our first taste of cable tv. I had scanned the stations and one day was watching Nickelodeon when YCDTOTV came on. Instantly mesmerized, I started watching it and returned to watch it as often as I could. Loved that show. Sort of a SNL for the kids, but grown ups could enjoy it as well.

    Thanks for helping me reminisce.

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