My brain finally snapped and realised that HOLY SHIT VACATION IS SOON, so I’m running around trying to get prepped for my week-and-a-bit-long adventures across that ocean thing. So far, my items packed include…nothing.

I both admire and am baffled by people who can pack days/weeks in advance, not only because I really don’t have enough clothing to do that (remind me to hit M&S to stock up on underwear, btw), but because I’m really just not that organized.

Example: This weekend, I spent quite a bit of time looking for my passport. A key document. Wouldn’t a mature, responsible grown up keep that somewhere safe? I was operating under the assumption that it would be in my official carry-on bag, because I haven’t really used that since my last trip overseas. Nope. Then I remembered (vaguely, maybe) seeing it on the coffee table some time in the last year. Nope, not hidden under the piles of junk mail, nor in the wee cubbies underneath the table bit. End table drawers?Nope. Strong box (which, y’know, I will use in future)? Nope.

Instead of panicking hugely, I set that task aside. But did I pack? Did I do laundry? Did I finish the bible by which my temporary work replacement should abide? Nope. I made a big bowl of pasta, drank some wine, and moped about it. Not the best tactic, I admit. However, I found my passport within minutes of waking up on Sunday (under an end table that I was double-checking).

The passport finding is important.* Edina from AbFab once screamed about necessities en route to the airport: “TICKETS! MONEY! PASSPORT!” Anything else is gravy, really.

But, please, tell me what shoes I should bring.

*Still AWOL: Oyster card, UK AC adaptor, money enough to pay someone to reorganize my life.

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  1. Jackie

    If a mature, responsible grown up keeps her passport somewhere safe, where she can easily find and grab it before trips, then I will never be one.

    This is why Chris has so much grey hair.

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