I’m writing this in the five minutes I’m giving myself to take a break from trying to make sense of some film shipping fiascos (fiasci?).

I knew there was a reason this can of soup had been in my ‘for later eating’ drawer for the better part of a year. Feh.

I really need to make my own soup. Maybe this weekend, in between episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’. I am a bit loopy even after three episodes in a row, so this final push through the last 13 could be interesting/deadly.

I read a nice thing on The Toast this morning. Actually, almost everything there is pretty great. Go eat some food. And stay for the loaves and fishes comment (I KNOW. There was a GEM in the bottom half of the internet. How’s that for a miracle?)

2 thoughts on “Placeholding.

  1. Jackie

    I’m doing a soup exchange with a couple people at work – making metric ass-loads of two kinds of soup and swapping with the others. In the end I’ll have SIX KINDS OF HOMEMADE SOUP. I am excited about this, which I think means I’m old.

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