Planning ahead.


I am in Andrew Haydon Park. I was planning on going for a 40-ish kilometre bike ride, but plans have been complicated by shoe troubles.


It has to see, but a screw was missing from my shoes, meaning I cannot twist my cleat out. Since these are reversible pedals, it is pretty tricky to needle it out, especially if you left your multitool in the pannier you didn’t bring.

This is embarrassing. Even more embarrassing is that this happened to me before and I had to be ‘rescued’ by the Gatineau Vélo Patrol. And I had a tool with me then and couldn’t figure it.out.

I am going to try some more to prise it out, but It looks like I won’t be stopping for groceries on the way home.

At least the view is nice from The Perch of Idiocy.


Update: Torque success! Twisting the fucker, risking damage to life, limb, and footware resulted in nothing but a scraped thumb and the ability to bike home wihout (much) fear. Cleaty bit is off thanks to a handily Allen wrench- shaped key.

Thus concludes this episode of Megan Is a Fool.

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