We’re not quite done, but here are some things I’ve learned this week:

1. I am a snob. I’m a veggie-leaning omnivore, but I didn’t buy real chicken stock powder because it might have dubious origins.

2. I should have eaten more in the early days. Now I can’t finish what I have without going over my daily budget for Friday, but hey, if I have leftover curry in the fridge this week, so much the better.

3. Despite all this, I’m still smugly glad that I didn’t stick to a ramen-and-baked-beans diet. I think I ate pretty well. Add some fresh vegetables and some nuts and seeds, and it’s a pretty healthy vegan diet.

4. I keep missing the point. Poverty awareness is the point. Making shit fancy is not.

5. I get to eat what I like on Saturday. But I am going to continue learning more, and doing more, about poverty, nutrition, and food security, starting with a seminar at U of O on Tuesday.

6. I straight-up suck at calculating things after the fact. Really should have portioned things up as soon as I bought them, so I wasn’t guesstimating so much.

Here’s my daily rundown for Day 4:

Breakfast (which I said would be breakfast + snack, but I ate it all before I went to work)
1/3 cup oats (11¢)
1/4 cup lentils (14¢)
heaping Tbsp brown sugar (5¢)
1/2 banana (10¢)

Smaller portion of last night’s dinner (4 fauxlafel and tomato-y rice)

1/2 portion of Curry with
80g chickpeas (22¢)
1/8 carrot (5¢)
1/3 onion (16¢)
1 clove garlic (5¢)
cumin, curry powder, ginger, red pepper flake (10¢?)
1/2 can crushed tomato (50¢)
TOTAL $1.08/2 = ~54¢

1/2 cup brown rice (17¢)
1/4 cup red lentils (10¢)
1 Tbsp coconut (4¢?)
tsp stock powder (4¢)

One cup of not-tea (2¢?)

Daily total is $1.73. SO CLOSE IT’S SCARY.

I’m gonna eat a couple of raisins to round the day off.

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