Plodding along.


In about an hour, I will be waiting near the stopline for the Army Run>. I stayed at a friend’s place last night because he lives practically around the corner from this extravaganza, but I didn’t sleep very well. A combination of anxiety, too much caffeine yesterday, and rain/drunken Centretown noise all conspired to make a supremely shitty night’s sleep. ‘Sleep’.

So, the hour or so I saved by not having to be coordinated enough to stumble down here from my house was probably not worth it. Though, of course, there’s no guarantee I would have been able to sleep at home either. Yargh. What a stupid thing for a body to do.

Anyway, after about 20 hours, the rain has stopped, the day is cool, the course is beautiful, and as I’m not terribly worried about time, I’ll just listen to some podcasts (with a couple of songs in between) and explore my city with tens of thousands of other people.

Of course, I’ve realised that I brought the wrong running capris, so there’s always a risk that they will fall down. Maybe I’ll make the front of the newspaper for accidentally mooning a group of small children who were high-fiving racers. A fine thing, given that I might be meeting the mayor on Thursday afternoon.

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