(Holidailies #6)

Just a quick one today, as I’m off to a trivia thing. Well, two trivia things in one, since we’re doing the British Open as well. Not feeling great about either. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, let alone…well, anything British quizzers would be expert in. More cricket? Plotlines to ‘Only Fools and Horses’? Who designed which cathedral in whatever little-known-to-foreigners town in Yorkshire?

Self-esteem, I has it not today.

I did buy a winter jacket this morning, though. I had intended to wait for the Boxing Day sales, but as my wool coat is missing a button (and its spare brethren are in a ‘safe place’ I thought up two years ago when the coat was new, but have since forgotten), I headed out this morning before Westboro was too nightmarish.

Struck out at the first two stores, but scored a bargain (this coat) at the third. It was in the second store, however, that I overheard a man telling the sales associate that his wife found her very expensive, very robust Patagonia down coat not
warm enough.

Sales dude was incredulous.

‘Really? I’m very surprised by that. This is a very warm coat.’

He looked around, confused, unsure what else he could possibly suggest. Did the shop even have warmer apparel?

Then he looked up. And said the magic words ‘Canada Goose’. Husband expressed interest in a way that suggested ‘oh, yes, my wife mentioned these’, but then seemed highly reluctant about buying a $900 coat.


But I have a feeling that the ‘not warm enough’ story was a ruse to get a fancier label of feather-filled boob-and-arse warmer.

My new coat cost $149.* Maybe it won’t be good enough to go to Nahanni in January, but it seems very unlikely that I will be going there.

Ditto this poor man’s wife.

* Poor sales guy also couldn’t deal with my price point of $270ish (which I had exaggerated so I wouldn’t be laughed out of the store).

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