#100BM Day 80

I should change the name of this blog to ‘shit about my cat’.

My cat isn’t shitting, though. It’s probably the antibiotics and it’s only been two days, but I have never had to try to will a creature into pooping like this. C’mon, dude, it’s good for you! PLEASE.

The vet called today to say his B12 test was pretty bad. Likely that he has IBD, which means his guts have been unhappy for a while and are not absorbing nutrients (cats eat mostly meat, so being low in B12 indicates badness). It could also be something more serious like lymphoma. The word ‘biopsy’ came up, but they can’t give him one until he has recovered from this infection and puts some weight back on. He’s getting a B12 shot on Saturday and will need one weekly (or biweekly?) for a while, then monthly thereafter.

I feel terrible. I used to complain that he had terrible poops on occasion, but just thought some foods didn’t agree with him. Little did I know.

Gawd. It’s like all the cat problems have happened at once. I had a robust, never-sick cat for 14 years, so I guess I should consider myself lucky, but I am thisclose to Kickstartering to cover vet bills.

My not-drinking during the week has fallen by the wayside for now.

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