Oh yeah, I was going to write something of significance. Instead I watched ‘Homeland’, ate more gravy, and went to bed early. I’m at work, so it’s hard to write anything because I’m up to my ears in things to do today.

I did, however, take a slightly longer, windier way to work this morning because it’s a gorgeous fall day. The leaves are kinda late to turn this year, it seems, but that’s okay; a little colour in November will be very welcome.

I am counting the seconds to when the bookkeeper leaves so that I can listen to the rest of ‘Professor Blastoff’. I don’t think she’d appreciate the gang as much as I do. I think she likes Adam Sandler movies.

Recycling a thing from last week, we got the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, by overnight SchmedEx delivery from Los Angeles, along with a note telling us to play it before all our shows of Taken 2Expendables stand-up some time. (Or don’t. That’s pretty much the whole story.)

(Also, found out from a confused would-be customer that Taken 2 is called Enlèvement 2 in French. Sounds far less sinister/more ridiculous.)

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