Apologies if my grammar is even more appalling than usual. I’m full-on sick now, with weepy eyes, Marge Simpson voice, and general sinus mayhem. I had a scratchy throat yesterday morning, but thought it was largely shouting-related. Not so much. And I’m especially ticked off that this is my second cold in a month. Immune system, get it together, man.

Despite the creeping ick, I was at work for 11 hours yesterday. It was a pretty busy one in an almost-impossible-to-be-productive way. But there was some fun, in the form of doing a comparison of North by Northwest in Digital Cinema format and on Blu-Ray. Oddly, only my boss thinks there is not much difference (especially after we did some colour adjustments on the DCP). Not to say that the Blu-Ray doesn’t look great (because it really does, especially compared to a knackered 35mm print), but there are definitely more digital artifacts left over, and I don’t think the edges are quite as sharp.

(This is one of my favourite movie trailers ever.)

/nerdy shop talk I don’t fully understand

I received three nice things yesterday. I’m not usually very greedy (usually, I said!), but it makes one feel pretty chuffed to get random presents. One of a nice pottery mug from a charity for which we did some fundraising, the second was a box of chocolates from a sweet old lady who comes to some of press screenings as a guest. She said it was a thank you for making her feel so welcome at the cinema. I am sharing both of these things, obviously, with the staff (in hopes they will keep their stinkin’ hands off my Criterion mug). The third thing was a giant bowl of sinus-melting Tom Yum soup from Richard, which I was a bit of a brat about in front of people yesterday (I was kidding, but might have caused offense anyway). One should never be snarky about people who will bring you soup when you’re sick. (I did thank him, twice, before being a jerk, BTW.)

Right now, I’m staring down a giant mug of Vitamin C and eucalyptus-y tea and trying to figure out how little time I actually need to be at work. (It’s guide week, so I can’t really stay home, or else I definitely would.)

What I really want is a few days to lounge about playing video games and drinking whisky-laden tea. Santa, are you listening?

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