Powdered dragon claw vs. Buffalio’s Brain Elixir.


#100BM Day 13

Competed in the World Quizzing Championships for the third time today. It was…not easy.

It was the worst result I’ve had, actually, and I just feel very dumb for talking big last year like I could make huge improvements, kick ass, take names, etc., but nooooope. 93 out of a possible 210. Eep.

Good enough for a local second place, though.

And yet? I feel awful for it. I’m writing my own ‘Does not live up to her potential’ report card as a reminder. I have a moderate talent I shouldn’t be squandering, even if it’s not exactly world-changing or beneficial to, well, anyone. (See also: Many other things.)

I wish I had a better grasp on organising my mind and settling to proper studying. I want to be good at this, but I also really like, say, sleeping in. And bike rides. And baking. And more sleeping. I am not good at rote learning. Or retaining any information about about Rugby Union (or Rugby League). Or ever fucking remembering George Kundara’s name.

And I’m actually a mite hungover, so my near-fury over ‘professional’ quizzers, ie brainboxes who do trivia for a living and dominate the rankings, being able to double my score is maybe more pronounced than usual. It’s not their fault, except when it is.

And never mind that hundreds of non-professionals still excel far beyond my capabilities too, like the local who got ten more points than I did today.

Anyway, that’s my pity party done. Onward and upward, towards another ice cream sandwich.

P.S. But I really need to learn most science and all sport by June of next year. Are brain implants cheating?

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