Practical jokes.


The folks I know who live in the Eastern U.S. have escaped unscathed, thank whichever higher power you believe in (or don’t). This is very good news. Among the bad news, lives lost, homes destroyed, and no restart date in sight for hundreds of schools, business, and transportation outlets. This is all, obviously, hideous and terrible. So what does our (least) favourite wannabe presidential candidate/oligarch and megalomaniac en extreme do? Oh, nothing new. Just prove himself to be an asshole again.

As much as I don’t want to give him more publicity, I was thrilled to see this prank go ahead. I hope it works, but doubt it will.

Stay safe, folks dealing with the very messy aftermath.

In the weirdo news file, not only did Disney buy Lucasfilm today, but they announced a Star Wars Episode VII film, for release in 2015. I don’t like that one bit. Twitter has exploded in a NERDRAGE, which is quite amusing, though.

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