#100BM Day 93 (minus three I’ve missed, like yesterday).

In today’s edition of ‘Read the fine print, dumbos’, the free trial of the publishing software I’m supposed to be learning had some. To get 30 days free, I had to fill out a form and have it judged worthy (or something) by the developers. Because I didn’t do this, I got three days.

My boss did the same thing.

The payment was mailed so my boss can save a few bucks on the exchange rate by writing a cheque from his U.S. account instead of using a credit card, so let’s hope it arrives soon. Our publishing deadline is a week from Thursday.

In the meantime, I’m definitely missing my old system of cutting and pasting and mail merging into an ancient version of Word (despite its crashiness) because I feel even less useful than usual.

In today’s edition ‘That’s sooooo Megan’, I didn’t bike today because I got near-drowned on my commute yesterday, but then it stopped raining seconds after I left the house. And because I didn’t have to unlock my bike to get to work (the best aide-memoire I have), I forgot my keys. Not a stellar day so far.

Except I did get a free bus ride because the transfer machine was busted, so that’s a good.

In today’s edition of ‘Argh, people’, DO NOT reply-all to an invitation, especially if there are more than, like, four people involved. DO reply-all when answering a work-related inquiry if I’ve CCed other people who also require the information you (hopefully) are conveying.

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