Had a bit of a scare looking at my stats this morning because someone found my page by searching for my name and place of employment, then read a dozen back entries. Is that creepy? Or nice because someone who knew/knew of me want to find my blog? I’m trying to push my neuroses away in disgust, but it’s difficult to switch off the panic button once it’s pushed.

I don’t try to hide my personal information, but maybe I should? I don’t post anything too controversial professionally (aside from griping about customers in a non-specific way, but everyone does that, right?), nor do I use most people’s real names even when talking in a positive light. I don’t lock posts. I also don’t (generally) write very personal things because, well, the whole internet doesn’t need to know about…y’know, that.

In general, I tried to abide by the rule of not posting anything that I wouldn’t want a future employer to see. But is that enough? Especially when I’m not very good at following rules, particularly self-imposed ones?

Anyway, I’m not exactly going to censor myself (more), but I feel like a need to be a bit more wary somehow.

While writing this lame and boring entry, the bookkeeper called me twice. So I’m going to leave it lame and boring and do the sad Charlie Brown walk to work.

Holidays are over. What a bummer.

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