Stephen Fry is leaving QI. His energy in the last couple of series was lacking, sure, but I really thought he’d push through and do another 13.

Not actually. Because fuck that. He’s not a young dude. And he has 87 million projects going on at all times as well. And a new husband.

Besides, the first time new host Sandi Toksvig appeared on the show and was brilliant, I thought to myself ‘If Stephen (for we are on first-name terms, of course) ever left, Sandi would probably be AOK at this. She is fucking smarter than everyone.’

A few years ago, this whole thing might have made me quit watching in protest or something equally rash/daft/moronic/impossible to actually do. QI is very important to me, y’see. And I have had some deeply immature moments in the past(/present/future/whatisaverbtense?).

But now? There’s so much geeky, trivial, and comedic entertainment out there, that even if QI’s quality went down (which it will almost undoubtedly not), there’s plenty out there to amuse and inform. Hell, even just out of the QI offices, there’s a great deal of awesome being generated all the time; No Such Thing as a Fish made me laugh until I cried today (Dan might be onto something with the stick insect conspiracy stuff).

Still, Stephen’s last series of QI starts this week and I’ll probably be a bit sniffly about it. (Definitely more likely to be out-and-out crying ca. episode 13.)

Facetious TILBM: Facebook will not allow you to post an ad, or rather pay to boost a post, if an associated image is more than 20% text.

In aid of…what?

They reviewed my ad for over an hour before it was rejected and couldn’t see that a movie poster’s text (which has giant type, so yes, it takes up more than 20% of the image) didn’t contain swears or hate language or nipples? Is it *adjusts tinfoil hat* because it was in French?

It’s probably all done by robot anyway, but gawd. What a silly, infuriating policy. Teach yer androids to speak and read foreign, ja?


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