So, hey, I AM sleeping better when I don’t drink booze or have more than one coffee a day. That sucks!

I mean, it’s great because yay zzzz, but damn. All the fizzy water and silly rooibos blends in the world just, yeah. Even my (very) occasionally woo-woo chiropractor once mentioned giving up coffee with a ‘Sometimes, a nice cup of herbal tea…just isn’t the same at all.’

Coffee. I love you. I miss you after 10:30am.

I will still wine and cheese it up tonight, though, so I don’t have to be anywhere early tomorrow.

But good lord, I feel ancient.

My mother told us about once when she was 16 or 17 and went to visit my aunt, who was then living in Toronto. My aunt had to work during the day, I guess, so my future uncle was left to entertain her for while. He wanted to go to a bar. With his underage eventual sister-in-law. During the day. He was not known for making great decisions. But as it was an election day, the bars were closed.




When I heard this story as a kid, this didn’t seem that strange. Maybe because stores were still closed on Sundays back then, or because it seemed an old-fashioned rule that was somehow charming. But these days, I know plenty of people who watch the election results roll in at bars, with friends and acquaintances and celebratory or desolatory beverages to improve the experience. It’s what I did on the night when Barack Obama was elected.

A quick Google is not revealing when the law changed in Ontario (some time between 1963 and when I started voting/drinking in bars in 1995), but I’m sure someone a smidge older/wiser can/will weigh in.

There are still election-related dry days in a lot of places, including whole U.S. states (South Carolina, I’m looking at you), countries in Latin America, India, and Thailand. In the Philippines, the ONLY alcohol restriction laws seem to be around elections; you can’t buy booze for TWO days before a voting day. Any other time? If you’re of legal age, rock on with your take-out 6am vodka and Red Bull on the way to work.

And here in Canada, two of the charmingest provinces still have election day prohibition. Nova Scotia and PEI? So sorry, y’all. Remember to stock up well before the 19th. You may need it.


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