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I won’t bore you with the details of why I’ve not been posting lately; instead, I will bore you with the announcement of a second 100 Days of Benign Mundanity to coerce my lazy arse into writing every day. You three(-ish) readers are now helping said lazy arse stay accountable. TWEETS OF WILDLY VARYING QUALITY ARE NOT ENOUGH, MEGAN.

For those who are new to the blog, or forgetful, or too lazy to click on the single link in the above paragraph, this writing project is not about pooh-poohing #500daysofbliss or #20AWESOMEDAILYPUPPIES, except when it is, because time is a flat circle life, while speckled with highs and lows, is largely that straight line bit of the waveform, which probably has a name I’ve forgotten, but yeah, that middle bit, and I think the social media universe is too full of showing off how shitty or how great things are, and not about embracing the fact that life is kinda neutral. A bee may become queen, but a queen’s life is fucking repetitive drudgery. I’ll bet ex-mechanic Her Madge feels the same way, multiple castles bedamned.

I took today off. It is my first weekday off since January 1. It was lovely to go out for lunch with R., but of the 97 (approximately) items on my to-do list for today, I have accomplished two, and might squeak out two more.

One of those things was taking my bike in for a spring tune-up (and to figure out the mystery of why my front tire won’t hold air). I got to bike the five blocks to the bike shop and it was WONDERFUL despite the snow, slushy puddles, and chilly temps. But then I had to catch a crowded-ass bus to go downtown for the aforementioned lunch, a journey that took at least fifteen minutes longer than biking would have.

I’m actually using a training plan to get ready for the Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon. The computer elves at Endomondo re-calibrate the plan early on Mondays based on the previous week’s successes and failures. Because I (slowly) did slightly better than the plan asked, I have to run an extra 1.5K today (about a mile), the day after I ran (mostly) 8K for the first time since last summer. My legs hurt already.

I managed to write an unplanned blog post in a coffee shop, but am typing/uploading it from a library computer. Everyone around me is making snorfly noises, so I am probably going to get consumption or The Herps.





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À demain, y’all!

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