In previous years, my yard has been covered in violets and/or lemon balm, but this year, a new ‘invader’ has taken over and is choking things out. It’s killing me to pull it up, but holy shit.


Most of this mess? Chinese Lanterns, which are pretty, but are taking over from hostas, daisies, globe flowers, thyme, sedum, and just about everything else back there. Including the violets. This is just one tiny corner of the yard, BTW. (The path is from an angry dig this morning.)

Speaking of plants that are bastards, I live in my mum’s old house and for the whole time she lived her, she waged a battle against Virginia Creeper, cutting it back, pouring boiling water on it, and occasionally even resorting to horrid chemical herbicides.

The origins of this monster are under the back porch, unreachable by anyone but Helen Parr. I didn’t do much to it last year, admittedly, and by this morning, it had crawled under the back porch and reached up to the hydro lines leading into the house. I wish I had a before photo, but I was so rage blind that I just got cutting.



The results of my labours (so far), mostly from in/around/atop the fence. I have a lot more to do, mind (including getting these wee lemon balm sprouts out of the patio), once I have more leaf bags. I mean, this plant is MENTAL. These are most of the visible remains on our side of the back of the house. It’s about 1/8 of what there was. AND CHECK OUT THAT JUNCTION I HACKED TO BITS.

Buying more leaf bags to deal with the remains. Man, invader plants are shitty.


There is some good news. One of my pea plants survived the slug invasion (must restock the beer in my traps) and is producing stuff! I’m not sure what I’ll do with four whole pea pods (plus two more that will pop out soon), but hooray!



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