So, we do NOT have bedbugs.

THANK FUCK. But also a big WTF to the cleanup crew who left in a neurotic snit on Friday because they saw evidence of insects IN A BASEMENT.

But this isn’t about that.

Those who know my weirdo family (yes, I have used my last name here before, but am trying not to anymore) know that, well, we’re more than a smidge peculiar.* (Our grandmother would have used the word ‘queer’ which, well…)

To wit, our father died suddenly on June 25, 1982, three days short of his 40th birthday. Today is four days before my elder brother’s 40th birthday. Assuming he makes it to midnight, he will have outlived our father. TODAY IS A DAY TO CELEBRATE.

Except the party’s this weekend. That’s cool.

Anyway, before the flood, he asked me to make cupcakes for the party. I thought, cool, fine, no worries, I can do that. Then he asked if I could cupcakify the German Chocolate Cake recipe from the James Beard Cookbook. That’s a bit more difficult.

Why so specific? Because that’s what killed our father.

Well, not ACTUALLY, but for some reason (our peculiarity? our love of gallows humour?), we blame this cake for our father’s untimely demise. I mean, he did eat it on his last day. My brother is trying to break its curse (though, I believe we have eaten it in the last 30 years).

I’m not sure I can cupcakify it, especially without an oven and kitchen of my own, but I’m damn well going to make an effort and/or approximate. Because in a crisis, we cook and bake and eat chocolate. THAT IS OUR WAY.

Happy Nearly 40 Day, Ian! Looks like you’ve made it!

(You’re welcome for the earworm.)

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